About Me

My name is Michael Paulmeno.  Currently I am employed as an Electronic Services Librarian at Delta State University, located in Mississippi.  On an everyday basis my job involves troubleshooting desktop computers, web development, managing our Integrated Library System, settling access issues with subscription databases, providing leadership in all of the above areas, as well as serving as a liaison to our campus IT department.  Sometimes my job also takes me into the University Archives.  In short, I maintain access to digital records in some of the many forms they take.

Thus I have feet in multiple worlds.   My educational background is in Information Science,with a concentration in Archives and Records Management. I hold a Masters Degree in that subject (as well as a second in History) earned in 2012 from the University at Albany, SUNY.   As a result I've come to appreciate how libraries and archives are really part of the broader field of information science.  Yes there are significant differences, but both are fundamentally concerned with managing and providing access to information.  Paradoxically the two professions inhabit largely separate worlds.  This blog is devoted to the exploration of that paradox as well as how these information silos can be broken down.  

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